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Manager Yang said, “Probably not. As far as I know, Bunny Tail Live-Stream only looked for people in the FV Team and our team. They did not ask the other teams.”

“Our clubs are on better terms with Boss Pei after all.”

“If the official commentator team of the ICL league were to look for other clubs, they should be able to find some suitable candidates.”

“It’s just that these people’s understanding of the game would be slightly worse. FV Team’s strength and understanding of the game are at the top after all. Our team is behind them, the other teams are a few tiers behind them.”

Ding Gan said, “That has nothing to do with us.”

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“Alright, just reply that way. We can’t help even if we want to.”

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Manager Yang: “Alright, Boss Ding.”

March 19th, Monday...

The travel-worn Bao Xu and Liang Qingfan returned to Jingzhou.

Liang Qingfan looked tired but he was still in high spirits.

“Ah, I’m finally back!”

“It’s not bad to take paid leave, but it’s still tiring to take such a long leave.”

“However, Brother Bao, you seem to be very energetic. You’re indeed a master tourist! I’m really indebted to you for taking care of this trip to Egypt!”

Bao Xu rolled his eyes silently by the side.

What the f*ck do you mean by energetic!

I finally recovered because it was not easy for me to return to Jingzhou, alright?

Bao Xu was afraid that he would become a mummy and dry out in the desert if he stayed in Egypt for another week.