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「Ah, that is a poisonous fish!」

「Wait, Wait! Everyone, don’t eat the fish!」

The surrounding became noisy.

Scorpionfish – a fish with a small amount of paralysis poison in its body.

「Miss, what’s going on!?」

「T-That’s strange…? I showed all the fish to a local fisherman, and I was told that there was no poison, though…」

「Tch, he didn’t do a proper job… Oi, bring all the fish over here! I will personally check them!」

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Then he quickly examined a large amount of fish in the cooler box.

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「S-Sid-san is very knowledgeable about fish…」

As I muttered, Cain-san, who happened to be nearby, spoke.

「Yeah, calling him a『fish expert』wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It seems that Sid-san grew up in a very peculiar environment when he was a child, so his『knowledge of living』is very rich. If you can only take one thing to a deserted island, I’d recommend taking him.」

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「I-I see…」

Just what kind of environment did he grow up in…

He has a lot of mysteries.

「A-Anyway…… The fish seems to be a little dangerous, so let’s eat meat instead.」