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Oh no! I do hope she would be jealous, but not like this! Things could only develop after she joined the Gamers Hobby Group! Only then would there be a chance for Amano to get closer to either Tendo or Hoshinomori! Don’t fail at such an early stage!

And honestly speaking, once the Hobby Group is formed, it will eat into Amano’s after school time. He can start his romantic comedy with the two beauties, and won’t have time to date Aguri! I can also use the Hobby Group activity as a reason to control plus monitor Amano’s movements!

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After affirming my plan, I decided that getting Tendo to stay was the priority and said:

“D-Don’t decide so hastily, just try joining us for today..."

I was soothing things over midway when Amano made an insensitive statement:

“Ah, Uehara-san, that won’t do. I hope Tendo-san can… concentrate on leading the Gamers Club!”

“Do you have to be so heartless aaaaahhhhhhh!”

Amano tilted his head innocently. His words were equivalent to ‘get the hell back to your Gamers Club’, which made Tendo’s face cramp. Such genius! Genius in hurting Tendo’s ego!

Blinking away the bits of tears in my eyes, I soothe her calmly:

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“A-Anyway, please take a seat, alright? Joining or not is another issue, j-just observe our activity okay!? Okay? It’s fine, right?”

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“Huh? Ah, that is fine… Eh, Uehara-san, were your actions this weird before?"

“Don’t mind me!”

Of course my actions turned weird! What the hell was with this situation!? Recently, even I got confused over what the objective behind my actions was! What happened to my normie lifestyle?

Anyway, the four of us finally sat down around Amano’s desk, and Amano was quietly feeling touched. It might just be the few of us, but to him, this was like a scene from his dreams. Having several people around his desk, such a situation… I felt like crying for him too.

When Tendo asked me: “And so? What’s the activity for today?”

I glanced towards Hoshinomori, confirming with her with my eyes. After getting her final consent, I formally brought up the gaming topic for today.

"Hoshinomori is making a game right now, let’s discuss the direction for her next work."

Amano and Tendo looked at Hoshinomori in surprise. She mumbled the things she discussed with me yesterday shyly…… and omitted the part about her being ‘NOBE’. She seemed to have done so because she didn’t want Amano to play the games she made as she was sure Amano would belittle it… When the fact was…