Three aspects of online shop making money

Three aspects of online shop making money

There was a high-definition infrared surveillance camera, as well as a loudspeaker and microphone inside the container. Thus, those on the outside could hear what was going on inside.

The scream had scared all of them.

Pei Qian only recovered from the shock after two seconds. “What did he see?”

Chen Kangtuo scratched his head, puzzled. “He didn’t see anything. He just placed the candle in front of the mirror. He hasn’t even covered his eyes.

“Did he scream after just seeing his own reflection in the mirror?”

Hao Qiong turned to Pei Qian, who was looking at the monitor expectantly. “Boss Pei, Big Boss Ruan seems very timid. Should we let him go?”

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Pei Qian shook his head. “How can we? I believe he’ll be able to conquer his own fears!”

Within the cramped bathroom, Ruan Guangjian felt his entire body shaking. His legs were jelly, and his heart was racing. He could not help but scream earlier.

He had to admit that he was being immersed on a completely different level from when he had played the game.

When Ruan Guangjian had been playing Be Quiet, he had screamed the entire time. However, he was screaming less in the haunted house, not because it was less scary... but because he could not even bring himself to scream.

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Until now, Ruan Guangjian had not seen any frightening ghosts or monsters. Even though Ruan Guangjian wanted to scream, he could not find the right time to.

However, the horrifying atmosphere had been intensifying his mental stress from the moment he stepped through the door.