Hand talking online

Hand talking online

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He hit the nail on the head right away. I fell silent. Then, senpai continued after taking a sip of his lemon tea.

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“Sigh, from your argument’s perspective, I’m not entirely unable to understand what you’re saying. Honestly, from my impression, …I can more or less feel that Tendou-san is especially fast at stopping the topic.”

“L-Look, that means I’m indeed right-“

“However, I can’t find a reason.”


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I fell silent again. Amano-senpai scratched his head.

“So, I think…the reason why we can’t explain the confession thing to Tendou-san successfully, I guess it has to do with ourselves, right? Think about it. Perhaps we subconsciously think that ‘we really don’t want to say it’ or ‘it’s hard to explain’ and just subtly missed the chance, right?”


This is genuinely what Amano-senpai or onee-chan will guess….Also, this is the most reasonable explanation.

However, I still feel like something is wrong.

We, …no, onee-chan and Amano-senpai’s relationship is always full of turmoil and misunderstandings. However, not all of that was based on ‘accidents,” right. Someone has to plan something in advance with a clear idea, and a misunderstanding occurs after a series of interactions.

In this case, if two out of three people “want” to talk about it…If the discussion ended up failing, this could only mean that the remaining person – Tendou-senpai, is planning something else.

I can’t help but mumble with a stiff face. Then, Amano-senpai smiled gently at me.

“Thank you, Konoha-san. I feel like you’re always worried about us.”