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However, if the students in question didn’t cause any problems, they’ll turn a blind eye to these small things. This was what allowed Ryuuen to go ahead with his characteristic brazen behaviour.

“My instincts are telling me that I should eat you alive.”

Even in hibernation, snakes eat their prey by instinct.

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“Why aren’t you attacking?”

“I wanted to avoid the risk of fighting with you here. Besides, it’s not the right time yet.”

“Haha. So this is the so-called calmness of the strong? You seem to be genuine about this, and it’s making my skin crawl.”

His eyes were shining like it had been before. No, this was even brighter.

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This wasn’t the Ryuuen who had been lurking under the water for the past few months.

“You’ve got a chance. Because of it, you’d better grow even stronger, Ryuuen.”

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Maybe he didn’t like the fact that I said it in a very patronising way, so he punched the wall.

“Grow even stronger? Who are you, my teacher?”

“I’m telling the truth. You’re willing to use any means necessary, even relying on despicable, criminal means in order to achieve victory. I don’t have any problem with that, but try not to be so obvious about it.”

“I’ve heard from Ishizaki that you used laxatives. Drugging them in the karaoke room was a good idea, but if the food and drinks were kept as evidence, it would have been over for you. That’s an act that will get you expelled without question. Even if what you did was ignored, peculiar behaviour during the exam will deepen the school’s distrust of you. Your only salvation was that Ichinose didn’t seem to want to complain about it.”

“Ichinose being a pushover was taken into consideration in my plans.”

“If that’s the case, it’s nothing more than a naive consideration. You’ll never surpass me like that.”

“…You really said it now.”

Ryuuen approached me once again.

But it wasn’t like before, as he didn’t seem to want to attack me.

Even if he was just suppressing his attacking intent, he wouldn’t be too hard to deal with anyway…