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Tenshi-sama laughed like a mischievous child, took along Rodis-san and left the director’s office.

Shortly after Tenshi-sama and Rodis-san left the director’s office, Leia-sensei cleared her throat and addressed us.

「I’m sorry for calling you all of a sudden. Were you surprised?」

「Yes, I was really surprised.」

We casually came here expecting to see our homeroom teacher, but it was the sovereign of our country who was waiting for us.

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Anyone would be surprised by something like this.

「I’m sorry. However, as Tenshi-sama said, this was literally a sudden visit. I got the call just a while ago and cleaned the room in a hurry.」

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Sensei sat down in her work chair, saying so.

「Well, let’s get into some serious talk. Be careful of the Noble Faction. From their point of view, the moment Allen falls into their hands, it is the same as the Imperial Kingdom falling into their hands.」she said strongly, looking straight at me.

「I understand very well the plight of the royal faction. But why do the noble faction hold such strong power?」

「About that… Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if I tell you about it.」

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Sensei took a quick look at Ria, and then said so.

「Tenshi-sama’s『Wendy family』has a national policy of frugality. Due to putting the people’s interest first, this country’s tax rate is the lowest among the Five Great Powers. The government’s annual revenue is very small, but the lives of the people were enriched.」

She paused before going into more detail.

「But at the same time, the noble faction gained too much power. They abused the law and measures for the common people, and fattened their pockets to the extent where one lifetime wouldn’t be enough to spend it all. In addition, some nobles made illegal donations to various parties, increased their power, and became great nobles. And the result of the repeated corruption over the past few generations is the overwhelmingly advantageous position the noble faction is sitting in right now.」

「I see…」