Where is the online voice?

Where is the online voice?

Apart from this small hall, there was also a portion of space inside. The lighting was slightly dim. There were a total of six small televisions and six single sofas. There were three on each side. It was probably the game testing area.

That was where Pei Qian arranged for Tian Mo to “train”.

Pei Qian had already arranged for Liang Qingfan to set up a large-scale experience shop. However, the location and renovation of such a large-scale shop would definitely not be done in a short period of time.

What’s more, Pei Qian had also considered the possibility that something might go wrong if he allowed Tian Mo to take over this huge experience store that took up thousands of square meters.

What if Tian Mo was not proficient in dissuading customers? What if a large number of customers flooded in and all sorts of goods were sold out?

Pei Qian decided to rent a small shop in the nearby shopping mall during the renovation of this large-scale experience shop. He would place some Tengda products inside and let Tian Mo practice his skills in dissuading customers.

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“I’ll leave this place in your care from now on. Do you know what you should do when customers come?” Pei Qian asked.

Tian Mo immediately nodded. “Understood!”

“Alright, I’ll test you.” Pei Qian casually took an Otto E1 cell phone from the side. “I want to buy this cell phone now. What should you say?”

Tian Mo paused for a moment. “Er... I should be honest about the various parameters of this cell phone. I should talk about the pros and cons. I can’t deliberately induce customers to buy it. Let customers make their own decisions.”

Pei Qian shook his head. “No, you should tell the customers directly that this is an old model from more than a year ago. You don’t recommend them to buy it at all. Why introduce the parameters for something that is not recommended at all?”

Tian Mo opened his mouth slightly and was speechless.