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Looking at it, a bad premonition ran through my body like a storm.

(I-Is it possible…!?)

「The whip of time to this devout believer – 《Hell Hundred》!」

The next moment, a big fissure ran through the empty space, and a sword appeared. It was a distorted blade that looked like a clock’s hand and emitted『something』that instinctively caused an unpleasant feeling.

「S-Soul dress…!?」

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I was surprised by that unexpected situation. Leaving aside『General』, I never imagined even the『Center』would use soul dress. Cain-san lovingly patted his sword and looked at me with a sharp glint in his eyes.

「Now, it is the time of judgement! I’ll go first – no, I’ll end this!」

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He didn’t wait for the turmoil to settle down, and immediately closed the distance between us.

(Kuh, fast!?)

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As expected of one of the Five Academy, the representative of Ice King Academy. Not only manifesting the soul dress, but also has a very high level of physical ability. In terms of pure speed, he is above Ria but below Rose.

「Receive the judgement of God!」

He stuck out the sword straight and lunged closer.

(Certainly, he is fast… but, there are also many openings…!)

If he continues in this course, the next blow will simply graze my shoulder.

On the other hand, my blow can hit the opponent’s chest firmly.

(It is a double return compared to the risk…!)

So my choice is to cut the flesh – no, cut the『skin』and stop right before the bones…!