Write an article How to make money online

Write an article How to make money online

“Find time to train in Deposit Fitness?

“Being healthy and energetic will enable me to lose money better after all.

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“In the case where my body can’t stand it anymore and I have no energy to keep up, the whole company can only follow the trend and make more money. Wouldn’t it be wasted?”

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Pei Qian pondered. He might be still young and had a healthy diet and adequate sleep, but he still lacked exercise.

He would tire and become sleepy easily without exercise.

However, Pei Qian really did not think he could persevere at Deposit Fitness.

‘Boss Pei does not possess much perseverance.’ If something like this was discovered, wouldn’t his image collapse?

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Of course, Pei Qian could use his busy schedule as an excuse, but he just did not feel it’s right...

Therefore, Pei Qian had this idea for now, but he didn’t have much motivation to put it into practice.

He took out his phone while leaning on the sofa and swiped his Weibo, especially focusing on Old Ma’s account.

“Hmm? It seems like Old Ma will be live-streaming today?

“Oh, it has started!”

Pei Qian hurriedly used his mobile phone to cast onto the big TV, following the live broadcast of Old Ma.

At the end of the money-throwing session yesterday, Old Ma’s Weibo had more than 80,000 fans. After a day of proliferation, it had now reached about 150,000.

During the period when Old Ma was resting, many people were reposting on Old Ma’s Weibo, and there are also some big Vs so the speed of fans increasing was not to be underestimated.