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How to make a service online to make money

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Boss Pei had already thought of making Bunny Tail Live-Stream a unique knowledge-stream platform from the beginning. He also calculated that Meng Chang would create a “special” promotional video under the interest of the high commission.

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In other words, everything was likely going according to Boss Pei’s plan!

Meng Chang shuddered.

Losing this month’s commission was a small matter, it was just tens of thousands of yuan. What about the future commissions?

Wouldn’t he have to spend the rest of his life earning that pathetic base salary if Boss Pei had predicted every publicity plan of his and every response had the best publicity effect?

Would he really work for free under Boss Pei for ten years?

Meng Chang felt that he could not continue thinking about it. If he did, he might break down on the spot.

He closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, calming himself down.

“Calm down. Things are far from irreversible. Boss Pei has so much work to do. How can he focus all his energy on me? Even if he can plot against me once, can he plot against me every time?”

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“There’s still time. This is just a small setback.”

“I’ll succeed one day as long as I slowly figure out Tengda’s situation. It’s just reverse publicity. Is that really very difficult? I’m playing the simple mode. Boss Pei is playing the hell mode. I can’t keep losing to him, right?”

Meng Chang quickly convinced himself and calmed down.

He had been frightened by Boss Pei’s strategies previously. Now that he had calmed down and thought about it carefully, he could not expect this to happen every time he did publicity, right?

Meng Chang decided not to think about Bunny Tail live-stream anymore and focused on working on the E-Sports promotional video.

It was a bad start and he might not get a single cent in commission but there would still be room for redemption as long as the E-Sports promotional video was done!