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But it's inevitable that every important word regarding the special exam we see would make our moods somber.

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Even if it's a special exam, there's the relatively thick paper we were handed on top of the verbal explanation.

Even if you think of it as being the same as the explanation for the Paper Shuffle we received not too long ago, this special exam seems like it's shaping up to be something bothersome.

Not too long after, it appears everyone got their hands on the paper. After confirming that, Chabashira continues speaking.

"Feel free to read ahead but I'm going to go ahead with the explanation for the Mixed Training Camp. Since I'll be collecting the materials before you get off the bus, make sure you understand the rules well. I'll be accepting questions at the very end so make sure to shut up and listen. Do you understand that?".

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Chabashira said so as she looked at Ike again. Ike made two or three zipping motions over his mouth.

"This time around, the special exam will be a training camp focusing mainly on mental development. In order to accomplish that, we'll start with the ABCs of integrating into society and we'll confirm whether or not you can live in harmony with those you don't interact with commonly. And each and every one of you will learn it".

So would that be the reason why we'll have to take collective action alongside the senior students? Chabashira said so as well but students engaged in club activities will have established relationships between senior students and junior students but even so, most of that will be limited to club activities only.

Students outside of that category will have had absolutely no contact with the senior students and those students aren't a minority by any measure.

Essentially it'd have been great if such exchanges were to be carried out voluntarily without the need to use club activities as an intermediary but it's also a fact that reality isn't that simple.

However, how exactly are they going to involve the senior students in this? Unless contact between us isn't an absolute necessity, then just like during the sports festival, students will probably keep their distance.

Well, we're probably heading over into the mountains for the 'training camp' to ensure that doesn't happen though.......

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Either way, as long as the rules for the special exam aren't properly set, it's easy to figure out loopholes.

There's a massive gap between the 1st years and the 2nd years in terms of physical and mental development.

For teenagers, the period of a year is very significant.

It won't be by that much but we probably won't be able to fight against them on equal terms.

"First off, once you lot arrive at the destination, I'll have you split up based on gender. Then you'll hold a discussion across all school years and then you'll divide yourselves up into six groups".