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Boss Pei might have said with a smile, but it was more uncomfortable than being scolded.

It would be easier for these clubs to handle if Boss Pei were to blast off directly. They would make Tengda wear all kinds of ‘unfriendly’ and ‘kick them to the curb when they’ve outlived their usefulness’, so that other clubs would not dare to approach, and the GOG league qualification would rot in Tengda.

However, Boss Pei was behaving very considerately while refusing to give up. This was equivalent to weird meeting the weird; everyone was weird together. Whoever became serious first would lose.

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President Pei kicked the ball back to their court perfectly; how should they return it?

Continue to complain? However, Boss Pei said ‘sell to him if it was so hard for them’.

Stop complaining? What other ways would they have then?

Everyone fell silent for a while.

Manager Li coughed twice: “How about this, Boss Pei, we can’t make a decision in haste on such a big thing. Can we have a two-day grace period for us to talk to our bosses in detail before replying to you?”

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Pei Qian nodded: “Of course, I hope that all your bosses can seriously consider it. If you sell the division, you can instantly make some money. This kind of good deal isn’t common!”

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Manager Li: “...”

Pei Qian said everything sincerely, but in the ears of various clubs, it had completely changed into another meaning.

They were completely defeated by Boss Pei’s Tai-Chi!

Fortunately, they gained a certain buffer time; the clubs would discuss countermeasures with their bosses.

The managers of the various clubs stood up to leave.

“Everyone, take care. By the way, you can take this paper back and show it to your boss. You must seriously consider it!”