Is the online speaking project true?

Is the online speaking project true?

To the employees, cultivating the habit of working hard and enjoying life dispelled their anxiety and tension. It broke the vicious circle of workplace involution.

As far as the consumers were concerned, Tengda showed them a healthier lifestyle through industries such as Internet cafes, Fish-Catching Take-Out, and gyms.

Wu Bin looked back and suddenly found out that the influence of the Tengda Group was so far-reaching. He seemed to have understood Boss Pei’s final goal.

However, this goal seemed to be rather far from the looks of its current situation.

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Tengda Corporation’s influence was currently concentrated in Jingzhou. It might be expanding to cities such as Lincheng City, but its influence was still limited.

Wu Bin guessed that it must be because Boss Pei was still using Jingzhou as a testbed, working hard to build an ecological closed loop here.

One would definitely choose to open Fish-Catching Internet Cafe as a franchise in the entire country, seize the chance to obtain investment, quickly realize financial freedom, and start enjoying life if it was any other entrepreneur.

However, Boss Pei did not have such thoughts.

Obviously, he was not after that money. His goal was for a longer term and was more arduous.

“Therefore, as a member of the HR department, in addition to completing daily work; we should also shoulder the mission of promoting the Tengda spirit. That is so that this spirit could be spread widely, not just amongst Tengda employees but also amongst the public!

“Let Boss Pei’s grand goal be better realized!”

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It was the first time Wu Bin felt his social responsibility so clearly.

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Before, he was just an ordinary HR guy: running around, poaching, firing employees, and lowering salary to complete the task set out by the boss. He could only think about how to complete his tasks and requirements to make a living As for social responsibility? That was all too vague.

However, now that Wu Bin had no worries about food and clothing, he naturally had the energy to pursue the realization of self-worth and do something truly meaningful.

The most important factor was that after accepting Boss Pei’s Tengda spirit for such a long time, he could not wait to share it with others. It was like deciphering the confusion of the authors from the Zhongdian Chinese Network.

Wu Bin felt that he should become an interpreter of the Tengda spirit to live up to Boss Pei’s expectations and promotion.