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“The feng shui treasure should be a joke. Don’t take it seriously, everyone. I don’t feel any changes at all.”

However, the people in the group did not believe him at all.

“We’ve tested it. It’s really different!”

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“It doesn’t matter. If you believe it, believe it. Otherwise, don’t believe it. In any case, the location of the treasure land has almost been snatched up. Those who came late would not be able to rent it.”

“Actually, there’s no need to arrange for the entire testing team. We just have to arrange for one or two tests to keep looking for bugs here and then have the development team modify them at their own company. The money from two work desks can greatly increase the speed of discovering bugs. It’s simply not worth it!”

“That’s right. It’s just two work desks. You won’t lose out even if you buy it!”

“I didn’t believe it at first either… Until I really came to try it out…”

“Are you serious? I’m in Shanghai. I’ll send two testers on a business trip there. Can you leave a seat for our company? I’ll definitely reward you!”

There were some companies in the group that was not in Jingzhou. They could not help but feel curious when they saw everyone in the group chat. They wanted to send people over to take a look.

What if it was true?

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How much was the rent for two work desks? It would be too profitable if it could greatly improve the efficiency of finding bugs!

Li Yada tried to clarify the matter but to no avail.

“Forget it… whatever.”

“In any case, it won’t cost me money to rent a workstation here. It doesn’t matter if this place can improve the efficiency of fixing bugs. It’s good to give these people some psychological comfort.”

Li Yada knew that it was meaningless to talk about science and reason in front of people with serious metaphysics. In any case, they would not believe him.

He should focus on the gaming platform!

However, even after working for a period of time, she could not forget about it.