Is it true if I add a WeChat?

Is it true if I add a WeChat?

As for Aguri-san, …she started stroking her stomach gently and mumbled again.

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“Sheesh, …I can’t believe you’re not acknowledging this stomach of mine…!”

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“That’s my line! Our eating ratio is 8:2 right now! My stomach should be the one that’s respected as the product of hard work, right!”

I stood up as I said that. My stomach is about to explode.

However, Aguri-san touched her at max “slightly enlarged” stomach preciously.

“Amanocchi, everything inside here is…love.”


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“…This is because I couldn’t handle it. …So, I created this product of love with noodle sandwiches!”

“You came before with a stomach full of noodle sandwiches, right!? Seriously!? You got to be kidding me!”

“I’m not kidding you. …This is love, …two servings of love.”

“Two? Hey, why the hell did you think you can still challenge the eating contest in this state!?”

“Ay, anyway. Well, if there’s something that I miscalculated today, …it should be that I overestimate Amanocchi’s combat power.”

“Okay, you’re going to die here.”