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This was infuriating!

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February 21st, another Monday of not wanting to go to work...

Last weekend, Pei Qian got deeply hurt by Lincheng’s Fish-Catching Complex. He had lied in bed like a corpse for two full days after that.

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Of course, it was not that he had done nothing during those two days. He continued to observe Lincheng’s Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ application.

In the end, the more he saw, the worse things looked. The situation was spiraling out of control!

Lincheng’s Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had seen an overwhelming number of customers over the weekend. ROF Computer-Installation and Fish-Catching Take-Out’s orders also showed no signs of slowing down. There was only one word to describe the situation: profit!

Strange things were happening for ‘Top Student, Come Quick’s application as well. It was becoming more and more popular, to the point that Pei Qian was beginning to panic. He kept feeling like the company was going to be listed at any second. Of course, Pei Qian knew that a company could only be listed after three years of operations. However, he could not possibly let the project continue growing at that pace. Pei Qian felt hopeless. There were only two days in the weekend, but he was already starting to think about ways to spend the unexpected earnings. What if he opened tens more Upwind Courier stations in Lincheng?

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What if he increased the budget Zhang Yuan had for the yet-to-be-built E-Sports Club?

Ai, how worrying! Pei Qian had spent the entire weekend thinking about this, but he could not come up with a good-enough resolution. Thus, he had had no choice but to cast those thoughts aside.

When Monday came around, he could only roll out of bed early in the morning, wipe his tears, and keep working. He had important things to do today.

The movie was going to premiere tomorrow. Boss Pei was completely unsure about how it would turn out. If only there had been a pre-screening... If the pre-screening went badly, at least Pei Qian would be able to relax.

However, he had been worried that the pre-screening would turn out well and that they would end up selling out their tickets on the first day. What if there was a long line at the cinema on the day of the premiere and he got stuck in a vicious cycle?

That single misstep would bring him everlasting grief.

Thus, after much consideration, Pei Qian decided against a pre-screening. Since he had already chosen an awkward date like February 22nd, that meant he was ready to skin the sheep. On the day of its premiere, the film’s sales and reputation would drastically fall short. Then, the situation would steadily deteriorate until its sales died completely.

That was the ideal scenario for Boss Pei.

“I’ve been too busy recently. I haven’t had the time to check out the film’s progress. I wonder how preparations are going. The film’s summary and timings should already have been released on the ticketing software, right?

“I left all of those things to Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce. I wonder if what they did would match my expectations.

“Logically, both of them are new, and they lacked resources. They should not have been able to get good timings. They didn’t put much effort into advertising either, did they? Hmm, I can relax, then.

“I’ll wait and see. While I’m at it, I’ll check out how good the films that would be premiering on the same day are and whether they would be better than Tomorrow is Beautiful or not.”