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Maybe I bullied her a tad bit too much.

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"Ahh, mou. Really, I shouldn't have given you permission to call me by my first name..........".

"You're the one who called me out here in the first place though".

"Yeah. That can't be helped".

More importantly, if we're done talking about Ryuuen then I'd like to move onto business. Although we're blending in with the hustle and bustle, if someone familiar with us happens to stumble upon this scene, they'd grow suspicious of the relationship between us.

"For the record, I've gathered as much information as I possibly could......can I talk about it?".

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"Just so you know, I couldn't get information on every single group like you wanted me to".

"I know. I'm not expecting all that from you".

"That's a really irritating way of saying it. Even someone like you wouldn't know which group everyone belongs to, right?".

"Maybe. I wonder".

".....what, surely you aren't saying you've memorized all of that, are you?".

"I never said that".

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"What group does Class B's Shibata-kun belong to?".

"A Class B-focused group led by Kanzaki".

"What about Class A's Tsukasaki-kun?".

"He's also like that. He belongs to a Class A-focused group established by a student named Matoba".