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“Is this the work of an overseas artist?”

“It’s a domestic artist!”

“To think that even our domestic artists could create original arts with such an original style?!”

“Shocking! It feels so epic just looking at it!”

“The game’s called Ghost General? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

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“All of those mobile games are cartoonish in design. I’m so sick of them! This style is extremely refreshing!”

“Let’s check it out!”

The reception was unusually warm!

Actually, this was normal as well. After all, Qute Three Kingdoms had already been popular for an entire year!

Through the year, Qute Three Kingdoms had caused the number of players for mobile card games to increase. As such, most mobile gamers would be able to pick up mobile card games with ease.

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But on the other hand, they were starting to get tired of Qute Three Kingdoms’s style as well.

This was especially the case for its cartoonish design. After many creators hopped onto the bandwagon and mass produced similar games, majority of the gamers were sick of the repeated cartoonish designs!

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On the contrary, Ghost General was entirely different. Just the set of original arts alone was enough to let the gamers know that this was an entirely different game from Qute Three Kingdoms and would be intrigued as well!

The call went through almost immediately. Lin Canrong probably did not expect Boss Pei to give him a call. He sounded uneasy as he said, “Boss Pei! Do you have any instructions?”

Pei Qian nonchalantly said, “It’s nothing huge. I just want to ask if there have been many customers at Ming Yun Private Kitchen recently.”

Lin Canrong did not answer at once. He felt embarrassed.

It was not a question of how many customers there were… but if there were any customers at all.