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After that, promotional videos of all sixteen teams were screened, ending with a family portrait of all sixteen team leaders. The sixteen team flags around the arena were lit up, and the commentator shouted every club’s name, along with the names of each team member. One by one, the teams went up onto the stage to show their faces.

The thunderous applause and cheers in the competition ground did not stop for a long time!

After hyping the crowd up, the commentator announced that the competition was officially starting. The two opening teams were the first to play against each other.

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This time, the opening match was to be played by H4 and FRY because both teams were veteran clubs. As early as when Starcraft and Fantasy Battle were still popular, both clubs had participated frequently in global competitions and put on multiple exciting shows.

It was precisely because both teams were quite well-known globally that they were made to play the opening match.

The groupings had not been done by drawing lots this time. Instead, it was decided internally and rather shrewdly. Since there were eight each of local and overseas teams, there were four groups in total. The numbers of Chinese teams in each group were zero, one, three, and four.

They had arranged groupings in this manner instead of putting two local teams in each group, mainly for fear that there would be no foreign teams left after the first few rounds. That would be a tough situation indeed.

If only local teams made it to the semi-finals, the foreign audience would become extremely anxious.

Thus, more foreign teams were placed in Groups A and B to peck at each other. Then, three foreign teams would surely make it to the top eight, and one would surely make it to the quarter-finals. That way, the foreign players would feel a stronger sense of existence.

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At the same time, prematurely turning the game into an internal war between local teams would disappoint the local audience that was looking forward to a war between the Chinese and foreigners. The competition would seem bland, and there would be nothing else for them to look forward to.

As for the weak teams that had been assigned to the death group... the organizing team could not do anything about it. The eight local teams that had been invited to the first international invitational tournament had already been shown preferential treatment. There was only so much more than they could ask for.

Over time, as the competition was perfected, and the teams were invited to join the competition after selection in their various districts, this problem would no longer exist.

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Pei Qian relaxed and leaned back in his chair, sipping his drink as he watched the game.

Since they were in a mall, there were many places where they could eat, drink, and play. There were many types of drinks available and sold at low prices. In this regard, the experience was quite commendable.

Pei Qian was pleased as he watched the exciting games and listened to the excited claps and cheers of the audience.

How comfortable!

Watching the event via live-streaming platforms could not be compared to being at the competition ground. When hot team battles broke out, the excitement in the narrator’s voice and the cheers and screams of the audience were enough to cause one’s adrenaline to soar and blood to rush. One would be tempted to cast all worries aside and shout!

He had to admit that the FRY Club was not bad.

Those foreign clubs had started late, but their team members had all been transferred from Gods Rising and IOI. They had a good grasp of games like GOG already. In addition, since they had a good foundation and hardcore training, their standard was not far off from local teams.