Make money online course record

Make money online course record

Ruan Guangjian was still schooling. Even if he could reach the standards required by the resources website, that didn’t mean that his schoolmates would be able to!

This could be considered as a small loophole as well, to spend the money while objectively decreasing the quality of the original arts.

At night…

In Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store…

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Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan were seated against the window. As they sipped their cocktails, they watched the few customers in the shop. Somehow, this atmosphere was making them feel sorrowful.

There were still very few customers!

Now, two more Fish-Catching Internet Cafes were under renovation. They should be opening for business soon enough.

However, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store was still steadily incurring losses.

The volume of business had more or less stabilized. A few loyal customers already made friends with the employees in the shop. However, no matter how they calculated, these few people would not be able to sustain the maintenance of the cafe’s business.

Between Ma Zhang and Zhang Yuan, one was the manager of Fish-Catching Internet Cafes; and one was the regional manager of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in Jingzhou.

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Zhang Yuan finished his cocktail in one gulp and said, “I’m going to sing two more songs.”

Ma Yang reached out and stopped him. “Forget it. No matter how much you sing, nobody will come and listen…”

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Including the two of them, there were a total of just eight people sitting at the coffee area drinking alcohol.

Zhang Yuan stood up anyway and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll sing my heart out to get it out of my system.”

When he got to the stage, Zhang Yuan began strumming on his guitar just like he did before. He began to think about what he should sing today. The people who were seated in front of him drinking alcohol were all familiar customers. They were not shocked to see him on stage at all.

What’s more, which internet cafe did not have regular singers? This was nothing new to them.