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『Tis the same. In addition, the style of 【Magic Sword】 is essentially established by balancing both sword and magic.』

He gave me a very easy-to-understand example that suits me, and I was thoroughly convinced.

And it’s true of the Magic Sword that I’ve been imitating.

『Tis possible to simply imbue magic into your sword before the battle and swing it around, but... while waving a sword, tis difficult to quickly and flexibly adapt the magic according to the situation. However, if you can acquire this, the quality of movement in combat will be dramatically improved, and the accuracy of magic will increase a well. The more accurate it is, the better the quality and power of magic.』

The more you listen the more you hear, I realized how shallow I was without thinking about what I’ve done so far, and at the same time I understand how much this seemingly silly training is worth.

“Amazing, ladder training... It’s impressive.”

『Yes, this is the 【Magical Ladder】 training that I devised!』

Despite the name, I had no choice but to be honestly impressed.

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If I can do this properly...

『Do you understand? This warm-up is to be done every day from now on. If you get used to this, you should be able to see a slightly different landscape in battle.』


『Then, skip the wind!』

For the first time in my life, I performed the skip- run dance in order to get seriously strong.

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