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They had the best of both worlds!

As Zhang Yuan comforted the team members, he had mixed feelings inside. He had just finished interviewing new members for one position, and he had not thought that he would need to find nine more replacements so soon.

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After the huge ‘clearance sale’ this time, there would be a complete change in DGE’s ten members. Zhang Yuan feared that they would lose their stronghold for a long time to come.

Actually, the best solution would be to sell a few of the members and keep the rest. The old members would then be able to teach the new ones. Once the latter became mature enough, the older members could be sold, thus forming a cycle that could carry on forever.

However, Boss Pei had been adamant about selling all of them at one go.

Zhang Yuan pondered about it and realized that it made sense as well.

Even if they wanted to keep old members to teach the new ones, who would they have picked? All the old members were like family; who could they stop from taking part in the international invitational tournament?

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It didn’t seem like there would have been a correct choice.

Thus, Zhang Yuan gave up his original beliefs, put his members’ futures first, and decided to transfer all of them to other teams.

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As for the shortfall in talents... he could figure things out as he went along.

Zhang Yuan walked out of the villa, intending to smoke a cigarette to ease his mind. Just as he put a cigarette in his mouth, he saw Team Leader Su from H4 Club rushing towards him.

“Boss Zhang, is this a convenient time? Can we have a chat?” Team Leader Su looked very anxious.

Zhang Yuan could guess what he was going to say. He kept his cigarette back in its box and nodded. “Alright.”