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"So when are you giving your phone?".

"Let's see---if possible, I'd like to consider an alternative. If I hand over my phone, the transfer of a large amount of points will remain on it and by any chance something happens, it would only pull your leg. If possible, I'd like to use a third party's phone".

It would be best if I could obtain a phone from someone completely unrelated to the matter at hand like Ike or Yamauchi.

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"No one would borrow you their phone".

"If I said I'd give them 5000 points, they'd happily lend me their phones".

"'re a surprisingly bad guy" Sudou told me.

And so Sudou and I who had both received a request from Katsuragi, made preparations to ship the package out at a later date. Of course, after that, Sudou managed to successfully deceive the eyes of the school and succeeded in mailing the package. And he also properly managed to video that moment as well as deleting the data of it and its transfer. I don't know whether or not it was successfully delivered to Katsuragi's sister, but I'm sure it went well. I think it was thanks to Sudou that this was finished without any trouble, but just maybe, I also thought the older Horikita might have been involved too.

Since he should have also known we were going to attempt something, if it's that man, he should have been able to make the necessary arrangements for it. On the contrary, he would've been able to keep an eye on Sudou and watch over the moment when he violated the regulations.

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It was just my selfish imagination, and I don't intend to ascertain the truth of that. Because I felt, if that were true, one day without even needing to ask, I would come to understand the truth.

Having left Ayanokouji's room, Katsuragi went back to the floor of his room using the elevator. And when he did, for some reason, two male students were there waiting in front of his room.

"What are you doing in front of my room?".

"Ooh---! You've finally come back huh, Katsuragi. You're late, you bastard!".

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" guys are? Class D students, huh?". These two were somehow familiar to Katsuragi, and while having his own doubts, he asked that.

"Those things aren't important, anyways, congratulations!". And immediately after being told that. Pan! Crackers burst forth and attacked Katsuragi.

"W-what is the meaning of this?"

"The meaning? Your birthday's soon, right? That's why we came here early to celebrate your birthday!".

"C-celebrate? You guys from Class D? Why? There's no reason right?".