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How much was the rent for two work desks? It would be too profitable if it could greatly improve the efficiency of finding bugs!

Li Yada tried to clarify the matter but to no avail.

“Forget it… whatever.”

“In any case, it won’t cost me money to rent a workstation here. It doesn’t matter if this place can improve the efficiency of fixing bugs. It’s good to give these people some psychological comfort.”

Li Yada knew that it was meaningless to talk about science and reason in front of people with serious metaphysics. In any case, they would not believe him.

He should focus on the gaming platform!

However, even after working for a period of time, she could not forget about it.

“What if… I take the test as well?”

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“Yes, just take a random company’s game demo and run around this floor to count the bugs. Then, run outside the building and count the bugs. Wouldn’t you be able to see if there’s a difference?”

August 16th, Thursday morning.

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Meng Chang arrived at the games platform early in the morning and was prepared to discuss the publicity plan for the second step with Tang Yishu and Li Yada. He also wanted to know when the game platform would start its trial operation.

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However, he suddenly felt that something was amiss when he walked to the floor where the Dawn Games platform was.

Why did it seem like… things had become livelier?

He remembered very clearly that there were still a lot of empty work desks on this floor when he first came to Dawn Games. There was still a lot of empty space even though a few work desks seemed to have been rented out later on.

However, the desks seemed to be filled now?

Not only that, there were also many people without work desks, sitting on the chairs in the resting area, or simply leaning on their laptops, doing something.

Meng Chang was very confused.

This office building was not a prime location and the environment was not particularly good. Why were there suddenly so many people renting it?

What’s more, people were coming and going. They looked quite busy and excited.