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The second team’s competition had just ended. The entire live-stream was filled with all sorts of curses. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was the end of the domestic IOI!

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In fact, it was understandable that the gamers were cursing.

Due to the time difference, most of the viewers who could persevere to watch the live-stream had woken up at 3 AM. In the end, they had worked so hard to stay away for many hours only to see this result. Anyone would find it hard to accept.

Today’s competition could be said to replay the situation on the first day of the group stage.

One team lost like they had diarrhea, and the other team lost like they were constipated.

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The first team was still alright. At the very least, they were eliminated cleanly with a score of 1-3. Fortunately they won one match and retained their last bit of face. The other team was more awkward. They had to persevere until the deathmatch. If they won, they would be able to advance. Both sides had wins and losses in the competition. It looked like there was a huge chance, but they were still lacking in the end.

A slight misstep could lead to a huge fall.

Was it the lack of hope that made the audience angry? Or did it give the audience a lot of hope and then ruthlessly deprive them of it, making them angrier?

It was hard to say.

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However, there was no doubt that the audience had to vent their anger.

These two clubs had posted on Weibo to apologize to gamers the moment they were eliminated. However, it was useless. Angry gamers had taken over Weibo’s hot comments. Someone had already planned a route for them to swim back.

Pei Qian could almost see the grand scene online after the FV Club were to become eliminated from the top eight competition with 3:0.