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“It had been 100 years since the original work was born. I do not deny that the original work was really classic, but times have changed since science fiction 100 years ago. I don’t deny that this film would be a classic if it was released 20 or 30 years ago. However, we’re already in 2011, big brother! We’ve already watched Avatar last year. How can you show us this now?

“The protagonist travels to a planet with two factions of aliens who look like humans, as well as savages with green skin and four hands. These savages have no modern weapons but have not been extinct. These two factions of aliens possessed high-tech weapons but were still interested in the protagonist who could just jump a little higher than the people on earth.

“Even the alien princess had a crush on the protagonist at first sight. Moreover, the film’s interpretation of transmigration is quite inadequate. The conspiracy in the film is also pretty childish.

“Of course, I’m not criticizing the original author. It was a person who lived 100 years ago. However, the director should know that the film is out of date.

“Many people are comparing Flying Star Journey and Tomorrow is Beautiful. I might be suspected of being biased towards a domestic film, but I have to stay that while Tomorrow is Beautiful has its unreasonable points, its plot, worldly view, details, or take on sci-fi is much better than Flying Star Journey!”

“For example, Flying Star Journey can be seen as putting a lot of ingredients together and simmering them on fire. Everything was good, but the taste is bland.”

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“Tomorrow is Beautiful is using a lot of simple and common ingredients to make a delicacy that no one has ever tasted. The ingredients used are not complicated, but the taste is endless.”

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“Therefore, if there is someone who has not watched Tomorrow is Beautiful and feels that the Flying Star Journey is not very good, I suggest you can watch it. Of course, I have no comments if you want to watch it again.”

Pei Qian seemed to have found the crux of the problem. He did not believe it at first so he searched the forums again. He utterly believed in it this time. Some people actually watched Tomorrow is Beautiful because of Flying Star Journey!

Many people who had not watched Tomorrow is Beautiful became curious and watched it when they heard people criticizing Flying Star Journey praise Tomorrow is Beautiful. Some also rewatched Tomorrow is Beautiful after.

However, the most unlucky was not the Flying Star Journey. Most of the stars were big names in the industry after all. There was investment of 170 million US dollars. Even if they could not break even, it could not be bullied by other movies.

It was actually The Chaser. Its schedule was squeezed even since the popularity of Flying Star Journey and Tomorrow is Beautiful were on the rise.

Pei Qian was looking forward to the release of Flying Star Journey for it to slap Tomorrow is Beautiful and relieve its burden.

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Great, now Tomorrow is Beautiful’s box office actually bucked the trend! Its box office might even increase now!

Pei Qian threw his cell phone aside and felt like all was lost. The overseas backup that he had been waiting for was incapable of fighting. They were f*cked from day one! Not only did they not push down Tomorrow is Beautiful’s box office, but it even had the opposite effect instead.